About BodyMechanics

The principle Osteopath at the Bodymechanics.ie practices is Barra Lane. He has been treating people for over 20 years since he qualified with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Osteopathy in 1994 from The British School of Osteopathy in London. Since then Barra has travelled and worked in many parts of the world.            

Elite Sports Experience 
A year in practice in New Zealand for example, involved working with some of the worlds top rugby players including some members of the New Zealand rugby team. With this type of experience the practices now serve to treat athletes in all sporting disciplines, including the GAA, golfers, triathletes and more.

Lecturing In Human Anatomy
Upon arriving back in Ireland and setting up his busy practices, Barra found time to take up a teaching post with The Irish College of Classical Osteopathy where he lectured in human anatomy.
In addition to teaching, Barra has undertaken many courses throughout the years to keep aware of new thinking on injuries and how to treat them more effectively.

Trained In Acupuncture
In fact he has also trained to use Acupuncture needles to aid in speeding up recovery of acute injuries and has found it is also an effective method of helping with pain relief from long standing conditions such as osteoarthritis.

Barra is registered with the Osteopathic Council of Ireland. Osteopaths registered with this body must attend post graduate training lectures every year to comply with the registration criteria.

Remember Osteopaths treat more than just back pain, they treat a whole range of ailments 'from your little finger to your big toe'.