Osteopathy is a hands on therapy which aims to reduce restrictions in the body whether it be muscular or skeletal. A range of techniques are used to free up these restrictions in the muscles, bones and nervous system.

These can be from soft tissue massage right up to gentle articulation and mobilisation of joints. Your Osteopath may also use Dry Needling Acupuncture  or  Cranio Sacral techniques to aid in your recovery.

People visit Osteopathic Practices every day looking for help with various problems. Osteopaths treat a whole host of conditions from sports injuries, sciatica, headaches, back neck and limb pain to osteoarthritis and many more throughout the body.

Case History
When you visit a Osteopathic Practice a full case history will be taken garnering the information needed to understand your problem. Questions will include topics such as your previous medical history right up to your presenting complaint.

Your Osteopath will need to examine you next. This may involve you being asked to move, or the Osteopath moving your body through different ranges and positions to assertain the site and structure that is injured.

Healing Yourself Osteopathic Practices work on the principle that as your injury improves, intervention is less and less to allow your body to help heal itself. You will never be asked to 'sign up' for a certain amount of treatments as everyone recovers at different speeds.

How fast you recover dictates when or if you will be seen again. Some patients need only the one treatment whereas others may request a maintenance or injury prevention programme with appointments sometimes months apart to keep their bodies free from restrictions brought about by their jobs or sports.

Remember Osteopaths treat more than just back pain, they treat a whole range of ailments 'from your little finger to your big toe'.